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How to use ArtsWave Pass

1. Create your Account with the form on the left side of the Sign In page. You will need your verification code for this step. After creating your account you will be redirected to the deals page.
2. If you have already made your account, sign in to the ArtsPass website with the form on the right side of the sign in page using the credentials used to create your account. Remember, your email is your username.
3. You’ll see lists of organizations grouped by what they do: arts centers, theater, music,dance, museums, restaurants, shops & more.
4. Click on any organization to see their available deals. Click a deal to learn more.
5. Take a look at the redemption instructions. Click the “Redeem Now” button for deals requiring an email voucher while others are available online with promo codes.
6. If a voucher is required, select the “Redeem Now” button to have a PDF voucher sent to you at your designated ArtsPass email address that you provided when you created your ArtsPass username. Print the voucher or present it on your phone at the organization. Remember: when using ArtsPass to get tickets to arts events, the voucher is NOT your ticket. Follow the instructions on the voucher to reserve tickets and use the deal.


Let’s try an example:

1. Click Cincinnati Ballet and you’ll see that you can claim buy one, get one free tickets. Click the deal to learn more.
2. The Cincinnati Ballet page shows information about their deal, their location and contact information, and more. To the right is a list of all the events at which you can use their deal.
3. Click an event to see the dates of the program. For more information on that particular program, click the blue “i” icon. It will open CincyArtsGuide and take you to the organization’s event. The ArtsPass site will stay on the same page.
4. Decided you want to see that show? Great! When you clicked on the event, a red box appeared on the left that says “Redeem Now!” If you’re ready to order your tickets, click this box.
5. You will be given a choice to send the voucher coupon to your email address, or, if you’re not ready to make reservations, to return to the previous page. Click the box to send the voucher to your email address.
6. Congrats! The voucher you need is now in your email inbox.